Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Exercising and It's Effects in the Bedroom

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Here is a short excerpt from the book- Chapter 7: "Exercising and It's Effects in the Bedroom."


According to a number of studies, approximately 40% of women complain of low
sexual desire. Low sexual desire can occur in any one persons life, male or female, for
varying reasons including stress, fatigue, medications or a number of other causes.
If you may be looking for an added boost in the bedroom, I have good news. Reports
show that men and women can both experience an increase in their libido, or sexual
desire, when regularly participating in physical activity. Individuals who may be
looking for a natural alternative to supplements or medication in order to regain their
sexual desire can find solace in simply adding exercise to their weekly routines.

On average, individuals who exercise 2-3 hours a week notice a significant increase in

arousal and sexual performance due to the increased levels of testosterone,
endorphins and adrenaline produced throughout the body. These physiological
changes that occur increases blood flow to the genitalia. Aside from that, the benefits
from exercising directly affects our strength and flexibility ultimately improving our
sexual endurance.

There has been a direct correlation found between weight training and testosterone

production in both male and females allowing men to experience more frequent
erections and increased sexual urges while women see their moods elevated which
can lead to a higher sex drive and energy levels resulting in more frequent sex.
Psychologically, exercise positively affects our self-esteem and self-image leaving us
feeling more attractive. Women often times find themselves with feelings of less
stress and a clearer mind allowing them to better focus on their own sexual
satisfaction leading to a more intense orgasm.

The “Coregasm”

Ladies, I’m not done. The sexual benefits of adding more cardio to your weekly
schedule previously mentioned are sexual indulgences experienced over a period of
time. A percentage of us have the luxury of experiencing immediate satisfaction due
to intense workouts usually involving the core muscles and/or lower body exercises. If done at high enough intensity that are longer in duration, women may experience a heightened level of stimulation in their lower abdominal regions often times leading to an orgasm.

I kid you not, an orgasm experienced while or soon after a workout can be achieved. This phenomenon has been coined as a Coregasm due to the type of exercises done when women have reported experiencing this exercise induced orgasm. Although the only recognized study in years mentioning these exercise induced orgasms was in 1953, a more recent spike in interest surrounding the coregasm has only been around for the last decade. It is quickly receiving more attention through scientific research led by a professor from Indiana University, Debby Herbenick.

Women who were surveyed say these coregasms often occur during long runs on the

treadmill, weight lifting or during strenuous ab workouts repetitively. Some
scientist speculate this is due to the rhythmic movements and contracting of the
lower abdominal and vaginal wall muscles. Women find themselves embarrassed or
confused due to the unexpected nature of the orgasm and their inability to control
the bodily function, but it is completely natural.

Even if an intense orgasm isn't reached during these types of workouts, a number of

women have reported a feeling of sexual arousal during exercising. This is referred to
as exercise induced sexual pleasure.

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  1. Sheesh! This is so true. I've recently experienced this a few times and was weirded out by it. Being as though I am not active(sexually), I found it a bit shocking. I hit my med books and discovered that intense work out surrounding the pelvic and core area can cause this reaction... I just hope I don't have a full episode... Although I usually stop once the feeling occurs��

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