Wednesday, December 4, 2013

You've Joined a Gym! Now What?

You have finally made the decision to get fit. Found the time in your hectic schedule, purchased those new gym shoes, and redacted a few things here and there from your grocery list. You have even joined a health club!

But what are you STILL doing wrong in search for that summer body that you have always wanted?

The two biggest mistakes that people make when they join a health club are:
#1 Failure to Plan
#2 Failure to Get Help Early

Make a Plan
Ask yourself: What do I want to achieve by working out? What is my motivation?

When beginning a new workout regiment we need to systematically log these answers and make sure we are meeting these goals within a realistic time frame. Resources at your gym are able to help you outline all you are looking to achieve and provide tools to track your progress, also known as an assessment. Look to them to answer any questions you have about what are healthy ways to reach these goals including weight loss, bulking up, or maintaining good health.

Another great way to track progress: TAKE A BEFORE PICTURE. In as little as 4-weeks people are able to see changes to their bodies.

Get Help from a Personal Trainer
Too often we see people coming into the gym looking confused, dazed and overwhelmed.  Even the most frequent gym rats misuse equipment or are inefficiently utilizing the time spent on machines.

Seek out personal trainers to guide you step-by-step on what workouts are best for you and what is proper technique for each. They are there to ensure safety throughout the gym, maximize your productivity, and put variety in your workout routine. Personal trainers  can also be a used as a support system and a way to keep you accountable. Setting scheduled training sessions will motivate you  to workout even on the days you are dragging.

Many think that ONLY athletes need training. MYTH! We have a saying that even personal trainers need personal training. It is a valuable tool that many don’t take advantage of.

Realize that the journey to reaching these goals will not be easy; it takes determination, support of family and/or friends, and the will to continue after adversity. It is a marathon, not a sprint. The key to long term success are within these two simple lifestyle rules that can be applied to your health and wellness.

Set a Plan. Seek Help. See Results.

Brittany L.

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