Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Got Cabin Fever? Tips to Avoid Getting Off Track

The temperature is dropping fast- winter is finally here! You are finding it harder to get outside for a run and the roads may not be cleared in time for a morning trip to the gym. Possibly worst than that, a Snow Day has been issued and now you are stuck in the house.
It will be tempting to declare the day a Cheat Day! Lounging around the house with hot chocolate, seasonal desserts, and movies don’t sound like a bad idea. Before you plop down on the couch consider these helpful tips so you won’t completely sideline your health!

Fit in Fitness- A 30 minute workout in your living room can keep you on track and help balance out any of those additional splurges you may find yourself enjoying.  Check out the circuit below and do at a moderate intensity for a great workout option! 

Watch your trips to the kitchen- Although today may be your cheat day, don’t go overboard. Limit your sweets to 1-2 servings and keep in mind portion sizes. If you are the one slaving over the stove look for healthy alternative recipes for the cakes, cookies, and pies. Keep this tiny secret between us and no one will notice the difference! Check these easy-to-do swaps for ideas! 

Don’t stop drinking your water- Along with keeping you feeling full, it is a great natural detox to keep your body clean of anything the body doesn't need. Many times your mind confuses hunger with dehydration. Stay well hydrated and keep those cravings to a minimum.  In addition, drinking at least 16 ounces of chilled water when you wake up can boost your metabolism by 24% in the morning.

Last but not least (and most importantly) ENJOY! Take in the day as YOUR day. Avoid feeling guilty on your indulges. Savor the taste, enjoy resting, and get back at it tomorrow. It wouldn't be a true cheat day without a cookie or two.

Eat Healthy. Train Smart. Look Great!

Brittany L.

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