Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Fallen Off of Your New Years' Resolution?

Here's why  fitness resolutions are so difficult and ways to combat the struggle.

It's 8 days after the New Years and our resolutions have already began to slip through our fingers. Why is it so hard to maintain a fitness resolution and reach the goals we've all set out for? What are we doing wrong?

Some of us have not joined a gym yet. Maybe we haven’t bounced back from the holiday indulges. Perhaps we haven’t made the time to begin these new years plans or just don’t know where to start.

Whatever the reason may be don’t be discouraged if you have gotten off track. A lot of people fail at their resolutions because they don’t know the science behind exercising. There is a battle going on between your brain and your body, or your biology, to revert back to what your body knows as normal. To start up a new way of living, a health related resolution, we must change our old ways that took years of programming. Scientifically, once our fatty cells, called leptin, decreases due to exercising our biology sends signals to our brain that we are"starving." Our brain then releases hormones instructing our body to conserve energy by slowing down our metabolism and increasing our appetite.

We need to change the way we think and reprogram our bodies to get fit and stay fit. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is perceived to be 75% diet/nutrition and 25% exercising. Although this may be accurate we can't lose emphasis on getting to the gym. It creates habit, discipline and a way to rewire what we feel is normal: an inactive lifestyle where soreness is unfamiliar and not pushing through physical boundaries to gain health benefits.

Becoming more knowledgeable while working out, like knowing your target heart rate and being aware of the repetition and set count for each individual exercise according to your weight loss goals, can make creating a new fit lifestyle a bit more easier. It aids in a more effective workout and prevents you from feeling like you are just spinning your wheels. A good way to jump start your January workouts and learn how your body operates when it comes to fitness would be to find a personal trainer in your area. Even if it was just for the end of the month or maybe a 3-6 month commitment, you will see results and build the confidence you need to stay active.

Now, we are not saying you have to be a gym rat or someone who may seem obsessed with exercising, but an important piece  to this reprogramming is holding yourself accountable even when it is difficult or you've missed a few workouts. Accountability and perseverance is the mental aspect of fitness that many New Years Resolutioners forget to address. These are the growing pagnes we feel when experiencing change and often times come up during this time of the year.

The link between mind in body is essential when beginning your weight loss journey. On those days where it is easier to find an excuse not to make it to the gym is really when you need to go most. When you have tricked your body into thinking you can’t finish a set is when you need to push through. When you feel like you've failed at your new eating habits, forgive and forget and most importantly, move forward. Find ways to motivate yourself, complete a task or short term goal and build disciple.

A New Years' Resolution should be based on creating attainable goals in small increments that ultimately form a new habit. This is a  marathon and not a sprint but you can definitely do it! Get back on the bandwagon that is fitness.

A New Year. A New You.

Brittany L
Personal Trainer

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